Is Cashew Milk The New Almond Milk? Dairy-Free Milk Can Taste Good And Other Unpopular Opinions

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I’m sure this is one of your burning questions, right?  No?  Well, maybe it will be after reading this.  For Week 26 of Trying New Things, I tried two new dairy substitutes that I’m sharing with you today.   I have a great love for dairy (especially cheese), but sadly it doesn’t reciprocate my feelings.   Sometimes I still consume dairy regardless of the unpleasant effects it has on my gut and skin; this past weekend was one of those times.    Thankfully, I had some dairy-free options on hand here at home to enjoy as I eased myself back into cleaner eating.

Forager Dairy-Free Cashewgurt

Tonight we had tacos for dinner and instead of sour cream, I tried using this Forager cashewgurt I had found at the grocery store.  The consistency is the same as that of regular yogurt and I like this plain unsweetened flavor when using as a condiment or when mixing into smoothies.  They also have fruit flavors of Cashewgurt if you’d like to consume it by itself.  Another bonus is the presence of probiotics (and very little sugar).  Yes, regular (dairy) yogurt also has probiotics, but the high sugar content in most popular brands pretty much cancels out the benefit of the live active cultures.  More details on probiotics and foods to make your gut bacteria happy coming up in a future post!

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Elmhurst Dairy-Free Milked Cashews

I received a free voucher to try this Elmhurst nut milk from Social Nature and I typically use almond milk when I make protein shakes, so trying a different kind of nut milk was not a stretch for me.  I tried drinking this one plain, and it actually tasted better than almond milk.  At the risk of sounding like a judge from Chopped, it has a better depth of flavor and more pleasant spice to it.  I know some people have strong feelings about liquid from nuts being called “milk”, and I admit it’s not going to taste like dairy milk when you’re looking for a brownie or chocolate chip cookie chaser, but it’s a decent substitute for what I need and I do genuinely enjoy the taste now that I’ve made the switch.

What do you think?  Will cashew milk replace almond milk in popularity?  Have you tried cashew or other nut-based dairy substitutes yet?  Let me know your favorites below!

Thanks for reading!


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