How To Get Paid To Be Active – A Review Of The StepBet App

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The majority of my movement and activity doesn’t happen in the gym since I prefer free fitness, but sometimes I tag along with my husband to Planet Fitness as his free guest.  Many days I lack the motivation to be active because after work I just want to veg out and watch a movie, stuff my face, or sleep.  I’ve experimented with various apps to monetize my movement, and after almost a year, StepBet is the one app that I’m still using on a daily basis because it keeps me motivated and ensures I continue to meet my activity goals.

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How does StepBet work?  

  • You pay your “bet'” upfront which is $40 for a 6 week period  (the first week is a warm-up week where no one can be eliminated).
  • You are assigned step goals for the challenge based on your current activity levels.  Typically in a given week, you have 4 “power” days (harder goals), 2 “active” days, and 1 rest day.  They do have some variations – if you’re hardcore, there are some challenges without rest days or ALL power days (no active days), and some with 2 rest days.
  • My power day goal is currently 11,600 steps and my active day goal is 9.600 steps, in case you’re wondering.  I personally like having at least 1 rest day because of traveling, sickness or other random things that may pop up.
  • There are 2 options for playing:
    1. Non-member – you can only play one challenge at a time and if you meet all your goals, you split the pot with the rest of the players who also met their goals, minus a 15% cut that StepBet takes.   They guarantee that you will get your $40 back if you win, no matter what.
    2. Member ($50 annual fee) – you can play up to 3 games at a time and if you meet your goals you’re able to split the entire pot without StepBet taking a cut.
resistance bands

How Much Money Can You Make?

  • I started off playing as a non-member, and on my first 4 challenges, I made $10.25, $12.08, $7.42 and $6.06, respectively.    That averages out to about $9 per game (plus getting my $40 initial bet money back)
  • After realizing that I liked the app, I decided to become a member about 2 months ago.  My winnings for those games have been $7.93, $8.47, $10.12 and $16.46 for an average of just over $10 per game.  In just 2 months I’ve almost made back the $50 annual membership fee, so I’m confident I’ll be making a profit by next month.

How To Decide If StepBet Is Right For You:

  • It is compatible with wearables – Apple Watch, Samsung S Gear, Garmin, and Fitbit.  If you are using Apple Health, Google Fit, or S Health, your steps must be tracked by carrying your phone with you.
  • If you’re a runner or someone who is on your feet all day, this is a no-brainer – easy money!  Granted, it’s not a lot of money, but why wouldn’t you want to get paid for something you’re already doing anyway?
  • If you’re not motivated by earning money, how about by not wanting to lose money?  Yeah?  Me too.  The desire to avoid losing my money is what keeps me winning these challenges!
  • If you’re not currently very active, it’s a great way to stay motivated day in and day out and push yourself to reach goals that are challenging but still attainable.
  • Be aware that your goals will increase after each 6-week game unless you join as a member.  Member-only games offer challenges where your goals can remain exactly the same.

Basically, if you’re committed to being active and even moderately competitive, I would recommend giving StepBet a try.  I haven’t lost a challenge yet, and even though it’s been hard to reach all my goals on certain weeks, it’s been worth it!

Some people may call it gambling, but I don’t look at it that way because the outcome is not left up to chance.  The result is completely within your control so go earn yourself some money for your steps!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you join so we can encourage each other.  Also, if you’re looking for a good quality walking/running shoe, I highly recommend the Under Armour Gemini 2.  They have come with me to several countries and have been perfect for all my activities without causing any chafing or blisters.

Under Armour Gemini 2

Along with staying active, be sure to check out my full list of how to boost your immunity and avoid sickness naturally.

Want to get paid to be healthy without investing any money?  This will be the best option for you.

Thanks for reading!  Need more fitness ideas?  Check out my favorite items here.



  1. This sounds awesome!! I didn’t even know this type of thing existed, I am so going to look into this! Thanks for sharing lady!

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  2. This is awesome, do you have a referral code? I’d love to sign up and if I can help you out as well that would be awesome! I’m planning on buying an apple watch in March and that’s when I’d start using the app. Thanks for this post, so glad I got to learn about a new app that I didn’t know existed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. app to monetize your fitness goals?! What will they think of next. Great way to stay motivated and accountable that’s for sure. While I can’t afford to “bet” at this time ,I am gonna bookmark this as this may be something I can do in the spring/summer.

    Liked by 1 person

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