Fit And Balanced February Challenge

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Happy February!  Historically, this is the month when your resolutions may start to fall by the wayside and you lose some of the motivation you had in January.  It’s OK!  I get it, it’s definitely tough to stay active when it’s busy and is as frigid as it has been, so I wanted to share this challenge with you to hopefully keep you encouraged, accountable to your goals and motivated this month!

White Running Shoes Facebook Post.png

You’ll see the ideas above are not all fitness-related, as it’s important to have a balanced,  holistic approach to your health.  Focusing on things like fostering connections with friends, hydration, sufficient sleep, self-care, and nutrition are all incredibly important, along with finding regular, enjoyable movement.

How To Participate

  • It’s easy, just choose any of the ideas above on the list (or any healthy goals of your own) and tag me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #fabfebtpt on your posts and pictures so that I can engage with you.  Don’t feel like you need to do everything on the list – the goal is just to make improvements to your health in small ways!  I’ll be re-posting my favorite photos that you share throughout the month and having a healthy giveaway at the end of the month where I’d draw a name from everyone who has participated!

This will be a fun way to connect with you and enjoy being healthy together.  For me, we are going on a cruise in exactly 29 days, so I’m trying to work on toning up and getting ready for that!  My winter physique has not been what I was hoping to maintain – anyone else?!

Healthy Living Resources

I can’t wait to see your posts as part of this challenge!  Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know one goal you have for February in the comments before you go!



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